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Who We Are

TouchTunes lets you take control and be the DJ in over 75,000 pubs, restaurants and other social venues across North America and Europe.  With millions of songs played daily on our cloud-connected digital jukeboxes, a companion mobile app and an integrated photo booth, TouchTunes is the global innovation leader for location-based interactive entertainment.

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Innovation Leader

TouchTunes’ story of innovation began in 1998 with the release of the first pay-for-play digital jukebox, and continues today with a steadfast commitment to delivering best-in-class products, services, technology and support.

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Engaging, Social and Fun

Installed in almost 10,000 locations, TouchTunes Playdium is a showpiece of form and function that transforms the music experience in any venue. Featuring a breakthrough, smart user interface and a modern, sleek design, Playdium creates an engaging experience that helps increase plays and dwell time.

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Control the Music

Music profiles and dynamic learning automatically create a unique experience in each location.  Plus advanced music filters allow each location to further customize the available music to match their own unique personality and vibe.

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The No. 1 Jukebox App

Be the DJ and control the jukebox without leaving your seat!  With over 5 million downloads and millions of plays weekly across North America, the app creates an engaging, relevant music experience for today’s patrons.  Mobile app users enjoy special features and perks designed to enhance the jukebox experience and create more engagement and loyalty.

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Driving Efficiency

Industry-leading operator tools allow real-time jukebox performance monitoring and management from any device: laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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World Class Support

TouchTunes support is always there when you need them with expert technical advice and solutions.

This Jukebox Changes The Game

With a modern, sleek design and breakthrough user interface, the TouchTunes Playdium commands attention and transforms the patron experience in any venue.  A proven success in North America, Playdium is now available in the UK and Europe.

A Custom Music Experience

Playdium learns from the music most played in a venue and adapts over time to highlight the songs, artists and search results that are most relevant. In addition, music profiles and advanced filters let each location create a music experience that's just right.

PhotoBooth Adds a New Social Dimension

Integrated PhotoBooth generates excitement and brings people together to capture the moment, driving more engagement and adding a new dimension to playing the jukebox.

Focus on the Music

With music updated weekly over the cloud (internet) and scores of playlists, including Jukebox Top Hits featuring venue specific favourites, it’s easy for patrons to find and play the songs they love.

Advanced Manufacturing and Diagnostics

Unique, integrated, modular design increases reliability and simplifies service.

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The No. 1 Jukebox App

Over 5 million downloads worldwide, and millions of plays per week in North America.

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Dedicated to Operator Success

Manufactured For Easy Installation And Servicing

  • Unique integrated, modular design increases reliability and simplifies service.
  • 2 year warranty protects your investment.

New Business Model Maximises Revenue

New business model incentivises the operator, venue, and TouchTunes to maximise jukebox performance and revenue.

Manage Your TouhTunes Fleet Right From Your Desktop

  • Responsive Design

  • Quickly and easily manage your TouchTunes fleet right from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Real-time Status and Remote Servicing

    Boost your route revenues by reviewing your jukebox performance in real time.

Our Partners

TouchTunes is partnering with market leaders to reinvigorate the UK jukebox market and deliver a compelling and relevant experience for pub goers.


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